– marked by brilliance, especially of expression –

Honestly,┬áthe whole point of this blog is for me to create and get back in the habit of writing like I used to. When I first started writing again, I wrote because I “had a muse” I suppose one could say. Then I continued writing because I had a platform where I expected myself to write every day. It wasn’t a large platform, only 1,500 followers or so and most of them were inactive anyways. But it was mine and it kept me motivated. After a year and a half or so of having it, I took time off from it to focus on my senior year. Smart in a way because I had several activities that demanded my attention more than my few very faithful followers. Plus, the close friends I made in the poetry community were all starting to focus more on their lives as well. The mistake I made was neglecting my art while “on hiatus”. I wrote faithfully for a while…but eventually, my inspiration dwindled. I put everything I had into projects for school, but very little into anything I could say was only mine. I did not realize the damage I was doing at the time but now I do.

So that’s why I made this. You can learn more about the name for my blog in the first post I ever wrote. It goes more into detail about what I want this to be. When I had my poetry account, I enjoyed it a lot but I was always hoping for something viral to happen. Now, I’m just happy to create. And I think I may have created two “About” pages, accidentally.

Here I am internet.

Take me, leave me, or just let me be.

I’m cool.