Why Incandescent Belief?

Why did I choose the name “Incandescent Belief” for my blog?

The word “incandescent” has been one of my favorite words for a while now. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, incandescent has four meanings. The meanings are as follows:

  • white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat
  • strikingly bright, radiant, or clear
  • marked by brilliance, especially of expression
  • characterized by glowing zeal

I think each of these meanings speak to me in a different way. In one way or another, I strive to achieve incandescence. I want to be marked by brilliant expression, be strikingly bright, to bring luminance to a better path, and to always bring glowing zeal to everything I pursue. I consider myself an extreme optimist. I choose to think above and beyond the possibilities shown to me. Everything has its limits, but I do my best to eliminate any boundary that can be avoided. I like to think of my optimism as a light bulb. It may last a long time, but it will eventually lose its power. When that happens, I take my day off to be pessimistic and then I replace my light bulb. You might spend one day in the dark every now and then, but that’s okay.

To get to the point, incandescent is a word that means many things to me and has inspired me in my every day life. I chose the word “belief” to accompany it because it’s a strong word in its own right. A belief is:

  • an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists
  • trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something

I find that incredible. Humanity’s beliefs in different things has dictated the motivations behind wars, creation of governments, rebellion, new inventions, and practically anything one could think of. Nothing happens without a reason. To have a reason, someone must believe in an idea first.

The words “incandescent” and “belief” are powerful words. Together, I think of them as a “bright belief”. This is belief in the world, in education, in yourself, in anything. It is positive and it is confident. It gives the owner the ability to move mountains and create seas. I want this blog to do that for me. I don’t necessarily mean in the public eye. I have felt a void since I stopped writing. I want to fill that void and I want to build cities in my own mind and heart. I want to move mountains and create seas.

I know I can because of my Incandescent Belief.


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