Ten Years From Now


I had to write about where I wanted to be ten years from now for one of my finals. This prompt was for my “Learning Frameworks” class. Most colleges have a class like this that freshman take as a part of their curriculum. The classes are usually focused around study skills, leadership, etc. My class was no different. It focused on Covey’s Seven Habits. As a result of writing about Covey’s Habits for SIXTEEN WEEKS, I now know them backwards and forwards. Will they stick? Hopefully, but I definitely did not mention them in my “Ten Years From Now” essay so who knows if they’ll even last that long.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kidding. My humor is really weird but I’m not trying to explain that today. On top of the 7 Habits, we also were required to several small reflective writing assignments throughout the semester. I thought that was cool because I didn’t really expect that from college. Then for our midterm and our final, we had at least one topic that was in the same introspective genre. For our final, the topic was the aforementioned “Ten Years From Now” short essay. This essay required us to speak of ourselves in present tense, ten years from now. “I am” tense, none of that “I will be” nonsense. You get what I’m saying. So I really enjoyed writing mine because I kind of talked about the most realistic I could make my dream life. I created reachable goals that still seem kind of impossible right now. I loved every second I spent writing it and earned a 98.6% on the final so I wanted to post it here.

P.S. here’s a gif in honor of my survival of my first college finals.


Without further ado,

In Ten Years

            The television clicks on at 10:00 sharp every night and every night, there I am. I am watching the news reporter from behind the camera as she delivers the opening I wrote for her with ease. I smile as I imagine the viewers at home gasping at the latest news on a juicy story that my news team has been following for weeks. I suddenly realize that it has been ten years since I attended college at Texarkana College and began my journey to the person I am today.

            A lot has changed in ten years. I am the executive producer of a successful nightly news show in Austin, Texas. In my spare time, I work on passion projects of my own. I have won awards at small film festivals across America for my short films and I will be producing my first major motion picture, soon. Short film awards, however, do not often pay the bills. I was hired on as an assistant producer while still in college and quickly worked my way up in the television news world. During the week, I research the most intriguing stories, write and edit scripts, direct the nightly news, and edit the footage taken out in the field. As executive producer, I do several things but the aforementioned are the most important to me. I make approximately $80,000 a year. As a college student, I knew I wanted to be in an industry that paid well both emotionally and physically. The paycheck helps to keep both my bank account and my emotions out of the negative. I am proud of the work I do and I could not picture myself doing anything else. I love being able to work with my team to create the most informative news show in Texas.

            After I graduated from Texarkana College, I transferred to Louisiana State University at Shreveport where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. I worked as a part-time assistant producer at KTAL Channel 6 while studying. Then, I decided to accept a production position at KTAL while I pursued a Master of Arts degree in Communications at Texas A&M at Texarkana (TAMUT). Once I earned my bachelor’s degree, my boyfriend and I decided to get married. We both finally finished our degrees and found stable jobs. We could financially support one another. We were set to stay in Bossier City, Louisiana, because both of our families lived relatively close by. A few months after I graduated from TAMUT, a job opened up in Austin, Texas, and my executive producer wanted to recommend me for it. My husband knew that I always wanted to live in Austin and was always supportive of my dreams. He was able to find a job as a nurse easily in Austin. Soon, we were ready to sell our house and move.

            We have been living in Austin for about five and half years. Part of me was not sure if I would ever get to live here. I am extremely grateful for the experiences and friendships I made at KTAL and in college that prepared me for the responsibilities I have now. I have responsibilities as an executive producer, as a wife, and as a mother of one. My husband and I had our first child about a year ago. We plan to have more children in the future, but not anytime soon. Before even thinking of a child, I applied the money saving skills I learned back at Texarkana College in order to plan adequately. The time I spent in each educational institution I attended has impacted my life greatly. Some of the most valuable lessons I learned were taught in my classes. However, every morning, I still hit the snooze a few times before getting up. My life has changed a lot in ten years, but some things are destined to be the same forever.

It’s kind of a dorky life story, but I dig it.

Until next time,